What can I give a rabbit to eat

For rabbits treats in large quantities are unhealthy, like as they are for human beings. A lot of treats which are sold in pet shops are filled with too much sugar and high food energy carbohydrates also. If a pet oowner is determined to feed the rabbit treats, the best one to provide it with is fruit.

Which fruit can I give my rabbit?

Tolerable fruits (pits and seeds must be removed): Apple, Orange, Berries, Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple, Mango, Peach and also other citrus fruits.

You can find natural enzyme in papaya, mango and pineapple which is thought to reduce hairballs.

Other treats or fruits should be given in moderation, as these pets become overweight may be and suffer health problems. A diet must consist of no more than half a tablespoon of treats or fruits per day.

However although, fruits (fresh one) should not be given to pet rabbits under the age of 4 months as their digestive systems are often not developed enough to handle the fresh fruit. It may cause some enteritis that causes death within 48 hours approximately.

While a common myth  it is not a good idea to give lettuce or other sorts of salads because it contains little to no nutritional value for him or her and as already mentioned it can cause enteritis which may leads to a fast death.

Make the right choice

Byt the way to select the right rabbit for you and your family could be a very exciting process. There are so many different breeds (around 40) of these lovely rabbits. Many of the breeds have multiple colors and varieties. Rabbits range in size over 10 pounds and start from 2 pounds. So there are plenty of that sweet breeds. You or your family will made the right decision, sure.

So as already said, be careful what you give your sweet rabbit. More different articles concerning this topic you will find here. Simply feel free and browse through them.

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