Can I give a puppy watermelon

If you are enjoying watermelon during summer time and you want your puppy to enjoy it as much as you do, you might wonder if it’s good for your puppy’s health. So, can you give your puppy some watermelon?
Of course, yes. But, just like everything else, you should give it with moderation in mind. You should be careful to follow some important guidelines. Limit giving your puppy only part of the watermelon and do not feed him with seeds or rinds, particularly if your puppy is very small.

Benefits of Feeding Your Puppy with Watermelon

The best thing about providing watermelon to your dog is that it offers a refreshing experience when your puppy is feeling thirsty and hot. Take note that watermelon contains 92% water, so it’s a great retreat for puppies during summer.
Watermelon is also packed with vitamins and minerals. It also contains dietary fiber. Basically, fiber insulates sugar and since it takes a little while for the digestive track of your dog to break down the fiber, sugar is slowly released in your bloodstream, which prevents blood sugar peaks.

Can You Feed Your Dog with Watermelon Dog Treats?

Yes, there are numerous dog products that have watermelon flavor. You can also let your dog try other treats like ice cream and smoothies. However, it is still best to provide your puppy a natural form of watermelon. The reason behind it is that some treats have other ingredients that might not be good for your puppy’s diet and stomach. Some of these ingredients may include colorants, sweeteners, and additives.

Watermelon for Puppies – When Is It Bad to Feed Watermelon?

Like a lot of human foods, watermelon isn’t always safe for dogs to eat. However, you should not mix watermelon seeds. The intestines of dogs may be blocked once they consume the seeds of watermelon. If t happens, it can be deadly if you don’t seek for assistance from the vet.

It is also essential to take note that lots of fruits like watermelon are high in sugar. Too much intake of sugar may cause upset stomach in short term. It may also cause weight gain, diabetes, and decay. So, when it comes to feeding your puppy with watermelon, you should always use your best judgment. Just remember to give watermelon without seeds in moderation.

Consult Your Vet First Before Your Feed Your Puppy with Watermelon

If you are not sure about the effects of watermelon to your puppies, you should not hesitate to ask for help from your vet. Ask questions about the benefits and possible risks of watermelon to your puppy and know the things that you should and not do to avoid problems in the future.

Since your puppy is still growing, the advice of your vet plays an important role and you should follow everything if you do not want your puppy to suffer. This can also give your puppy a happy and healthy life while enjoying the perks of watermelon.

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