What can I give my puppy to eat

What Can I Give My Puppy to Eat

puppy eatPuppies have the tendency to eat lots of food, and starting from their birth up to their sixth month, your little furry buddy needs to eat two times more than an adult dog for him to sustain his growth. However, there are some puppy owners who are often left in the dark as to what they can really give their puppy to eat for them to stay fit, healthy, and happy at all times.

Right now, there are numerous kinds of foods for you to choose from that sometimes, it is just downright confusing to pick the suitable one for your pet. To help you out, here are a few basic information you have to keep in mind to determine the best food to give your puppy. This article will look into the foods you have to avoid, the ones you can consider, including the organic foods, up to some guidelines in preparing dog food from scratch. Before you start, always remember to check the labels for you to know the exact kind of nutrition your furry friend is getting.

Foods You Should Never Give Your Puppy

Although it is not a secret that dogs love canned foods, remember that these are not the best sources of nutrition for them, especially during their younger years. Many of these canned foods have been over-processed, and they completely lack any nutritional value. Most of them even contain harmful chemicals which can make your pet sick, or worse, can shorten his life. The meat’s quality used is poor quality that even the 3rd world country won’t eat.

Some treats or foods like chicken bones must also be avoided. Such bones splinter once eaten and can be a choking hazard. It could cause internal bleeding and foods that contain caffeine must be avoided as well, particularly chocolate, which in several breeds could cause death. There are several premium quality canned dog foods, which are great and offer high nutritional value. It’s also wise to get referrals from your professional dog trainer or vet.

Organic Premium Quality Dog Food

Among dog owners, all natural dog foods are the latest buzz. This kind of food isn’t over procertssed and offerrs a healthy diet for puppies. Organic premium quality dog foods use more wholesome ingredients. Such will ensure the overall health as well as quality of life of puppies. Your puppy will get more energy, strong muscles, and shiny coat. This kind of food may be found at local pet stores online and at several supermarkets. Premium foods have high nutritional value and have ingredients that would improve the immune system of puppies. The ingredients must not have fillers, artificial coloring or dangerous chemicals.

Making Dog Food for Your Puppy

By far, the healthiest option that dog owners should do is to make a dog food for their puppies. Even if it takes effort and time to make special meals for your puppies, it enables you to know what your puppies are eating. You may find recipe books and recipes online or even at some book stores.