Can I give a puppy milk

puppy and milk

There are times when the puppy’s mother is unable to nurse her puppies, whether she is not lactating or rejected the puppy, milk supply is important. Fortunately, there are several options available for you. However, it is crucial to note that not every milk option is made equal.

What kind of milk should I give him or her?

When giving milk to your puppy, you should remember not to use any pasteurized milk from a cow, particularly the one with reduced fat. Giving your puppy regular cow’s milk from a grocery store may result to diarrhea, sinus problems, and tummy aches. So, you would want to use a commercial milk replacement formula for puppies or an evaporated cow’s milk that is full fat.
Another thing to remember when giving milk to your puppy is not feeding him with a chilled or cold formula. Puppies can’t regulate their body heat on their own and it’s up to you on how you will keep an ambient temperature warm for your puppies.

What Kind of Milk You Should Not Give to Your Puppy?

Puppies require a special diet to support their growth development as well as nutrient deficiencies may cause problems that could affect them later in life. You must avoid feed puppies with cow’s milk. Puppies require certain levels of phosphorus and calcium. The cow’s milk you purchase at grocery stores is diluted and does not contain proper levels. Cow’s milk may also cause diarrhea. This may result to dehydration.
You must also avoid store-bought milk replacer formulas that are intended for human use since such products may cause puppy diarrhea. Instead, use products that are only manufactured to be a milk replacement for puppies.

Should You Use Commercially Available Milk Formulas?

You can purchase different puppy formula products available in the market. These are often available in liquid form, but you will also find powdered ones that should be reconstituted. Make sure to buy products only that are made for puppies since they’re formulated to give enough nutrition without causing any possible side effects. If you are concerned about which formula is best for your puppies, ask your vet for recommendations or suggestions to avoid wasting money.

What to Remember to Achieve the Best Results

If you can’t find the right milk for your puppy, you should look for a vet. Other vets have milk replacer in stock in case of emergencies. Your vet can also get you a supply until you have found the right one. Depending on where you reside, you might need to buy formula over the internet and have it delivered to you.
It is also essential to realize that puppies, especially newborn puppies, are in a vulnerable state. Small problems including digestive upset, temperature fluctuations, and feedings that are not performed often may cause serious health problems that progress easily. If you are not sure on how to take care of your puppy’s health and can’t provide him a better milk formula, you can always ask for help from a vet.

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