Can I give a puppy Imodium

Imodium is basically a medication used for treating mild to moderate diarrhea in human beings and may be used for treating several cases of diarrhea in puppies and dogs.
Diarrhea may be due to different causes. From inflammatory bowel disease to parasites, toxins, and dietary indiscretion, such things can cause diarrhea to your puppy. It is important to remember that Imodium won’t treat each cause of diarrhea and might make everything worse in other situations.

How does Imodium works?

This drug works through acting directly on the intestines to control water absorption and electrolytes to prevent waste from being moved through your puppy’s intestines quickly. If waste is moved through the intestines, there won’t be enough time for the puppy’s body to absorb fluids, which can result to watery diarrhea.
Overdosing can also result in depression, vomiting, weight loss, and excessive drooling. If you administered too much Imodium, it’s important to call your vet immediately. The potential side effects of Imodium to puppies may include bloat, constipation, sedation, neurological effects, pancreatitis, toxic megacolon, and paralytic ileus. Particular dogs with multi drug resistance genes like Shetland Sheepdogs or Collies, can be very sensitive to this medication.
Even if Imodium may be safely given to dogs, it isn’t an ideal option for treating every dog’s diarrhea. Before you give your puppy with this, you must consult your vet first. If diarrhea persists for a long period of time after treating it with Imodium, consult your vet for your dog’s case. Examination may be done and further diagnostic tests may be necessary.

What’s the Recommended Imodium Dosage for Puppies?

Several vets recommend various dosages when it comes to Imodium for every dog. This is one of the reasons why you must always bring your puppy to your vet first before you give him with this medicine. But, more often than not, the average dosage is 0.1mg of Imodium for each kilogram of the body weight of your puppy. Typically, the dosage is administered every twelve hours.
The first thing that majority of puppy owners would have to do is converting the weight of your puppy in pounds to kilograms. This is not a complicated job. In fact, it is very easy. Just divide your puppy’s weight by 2.2 for you to get a close calculation of his weight in kilograms. For instance, a 10-pound puppy may weight about 4.5kl. It means your puppy will require 0.45mg of Imodium.
The only problem is that Imodium comes in 2mg tablets. It can be hard to break them precisely. Usually, it is easier to use the liquid version of Imodium, especially if you have a small puppy. For bigger puppies, it is much easier to use the typical Imodium tablets. Dogs that weigh 50 lbs require 2mg of Imodium. This means that you can just give them the usual tablet of Imodium. But, make sure not to administer Imodium more than 5 days unless your vet said so.


Imodium may be helpful when treating diarrhea in several dogs. However, it is not a medication that you should take lightly. See to it that you call your vet before you administer it to your puppy and make sure to measure the right dosage carefully.

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