Can I give a puppy eggs

Most of us consider our 4 legged friend as a member of our family. However, when it comes to feeding puppies, you need to refrain from feeding them each and everything which humans consume. There are quite a few things which we can consume but our pets cannot. We would today specifically answer the question can puppies eat eggs?

Can puppies eat eggs?

Puppies can consume eggs only in limited quantities. You have to make sure that you are not feeding them raw eggs. Raw eggs are not easily digested by puppies. Moreover, raw eggs can also cause some diseases in puppies. Owing to this very reason, if at all you are thinking about feeding eggs to your puppy, it is important to cook them properly. Also, you have to limit the quantity to just one every fortnight in order to ensure that there is no side effect in puppies by consuming eggs.

Some of the diseases which puppies can suffer from when you are feeding them eggs regularly are:

  • Salmonella:

Salmonella is a disease which is common in humans as well as dogs when they are consuming excessive eggs. Also, if your puppy is suffering from this disease, it can affect you as well.

  • Biotin deficiency:

If you’re feeding your puppies with egg whites on a consistent basis, it can lead to biotin deficiency. The reason for this is that eggs consist of an enzyme which prevents the absorption of biotin in the body. Owing to this very reason, puppies would start suffering from biotin deficiency. When puppies are suffering from a biotin deficiency, it can lead to metabolic as well as digestion problems. Moreover, the skin quality of the puppies would get affected as well. The growth of the puppies is hindered as well.

Limit the egg

You need to keep in mind that if at all, you are thinking about feeding your puppies with the eggs, it is important to limit the quantity strictly. At the most, you have to feed them with the eggs only once every fortnight. Also, you have to limit the egg whites as well. When you are able to limit the egg whites, you would be able to avoid biotin deficiency.

Moreover, it is not a good idea to feed them raw eggs. You should always cook the eggs properly. However, you need to keep in mind that you are not adding any spices or additives to the eggs while cooking. You have to even refrain from adding oil while cooking the eggs.

Thus, if you’re thinking about feeding your puppies with the eggs, it is important to look into these few points and strictly limit the consumption of eggs by your puppies.

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