What can I give my puppy to drink

What Can I Give My Puppy to Drink?

puppy and drinkTo stay hydrated properly, your puppies have to drink fluids throughout the day along with their foods. While majority of puppies just need clean water, there are also other kinds of liquids that you may substitute if your puppy is dehydrated and parched. Remember that young puppies have to drink their mother’s milk or any canine milk replacement formula.

Puppies that are very young to eat solid foods require to nurse undisturbed from their mothers. If the mom is not available, puppies have to be fed with a replacement formula, which is widely available in grocery stores or pet supply stores. Such canine milk formulations come in canned or powdered form. While the canned version only requires to be slightly warned before feeding that to your puppy, powdered ones require that you combine them in accordance to the directions with boiled, cooled water. Feed milk or formula to the nursing puppies until they have reached around four weeks of age. Then, combine that with solid food for a few weeks until they’re weaned completely from it once they have reached six to eight weeks old.

Once weaned, puppies require constant supply of fresh, cool water for them to stay hydrated. The body of your puppy is made up of eighty percent water, which is needed for all of the bodily functions, including proper digestion and circulation. Generally, your puppy requires around an ounce of water per pound of body weight every day. Encourage your puppy to drink lots of water through changing it a few times daily and wash dish on a regular basis to keep it free from dirt and bacteria. Pet fountains continually circulate the water with pumps, oxygenating it, and making that more appetizing for puppies to drink.

Some Liquids to Consider

Aside from formula or water, your puppy really should not drink some kinds of liquids including coffee, juice, tea, and sports drinks that contain ingredients like caffeine and sugar. These ingredients are not good for your puppy. Your pets are lactose intolerant, so providing them milk from the cow may stomach upset. If your puppies seem a little dehydrated, you may give them unflavored and clear infant electrolyte solution. You may combine this with the powdered formula to help your puppies rehydrated.

Warnings You Should Keep in Mind

Do not give your puppy drinks formulated for people that contain sugar, particularly xylitol as it is lowers the blood sugar level of dogs, causes a liver disease, and interferes with the ability of the blood to clot. Once you suspect your puppy is not drinking enough water and you notice that his skin does not snap back when you pinch it gently between your fingers, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Remember that dehydration should be taken seriously as it could be fatal to any dog. For that reason, don’t restrict the access of your dog to water unless instructed for medical reasons by the vet. Give him with clean and fresh water and filter it if possible, yet never give your puppy with flavored beverages.