Can I give a puppy chicken?

During the growth years of your puppies, it is important to provide them with the source of protein. One such source of protein, which you can provide them, is chicken. However, you need to understand that you have to feed them chicken in proper form in order to make it healthy for them.

Can puppies eat chicken?

Yes, puppies can eat chicken but in proper form. You can give them raw chicken as well as long as you are removing the bones from it. Adult dogs can easily consume chicken along with bones but same is not the case with puppies. You need to understand that in many of the puppy foods, there are extracts of chicken as well. Therefore, chicken in proper form is always beneficial for your puppy is it would provide your puppy with a proper protein source.

If you’re looking to cook the chicken, you have to be sure that you are not using any harmful additives. Any kind of oil or spices can actually be harmful to your dog. They can play havoc with the digestion system of your dog. Therefore, when you’re cooking it, it is important to refrain from using any additives. Once you are able to do that, thereafter only you would be able to cook it perfectly for your puppy.

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  • You need to wait till the puppies are at least 8 weeks old. This is when they would be able to get their permanent teeth which would help them to eat the chicken which you are feeding them.


  • The portion size of chicken should be selected according to the breed and size of the puppy.


  • You need to remove the bones from the chicken before feeding it to the puppies.


  • If you’re cooking the chicken, it is a better idea to use simpler techniques like boiling the chicken. You need to ensure that you are not having any kind of seasoning. When you’re boiling the chicken, you would be able to eliminate any kind of bacteria which is present in the chicken.


  • Before feeding your puppy with the boiled chicken, to make sure that you’re cutting it in between and ensuring that it is not pink. If it is still pink, you have to boil it further.

Thus, you can easily feed your puppies with chicken in the raw form as well as the cooked form but the cooked form is more preferred as it would eliminate the bacteria. Also, you have to always break them down into smaller chunks to make it easier for the puppies to digest.

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