Can I give a puppy cheese

There are many foodstuffs which you would think about feeding to your puppies as a treat. One such foodstuff is cheese. However, before you start feeding them cheese, you have to actually find out whether the cheese is safe to be used as a treat for your puppies or not. We would shed some light on this question today.

Can puppies eat cheese?

As long as your puppy is already on a solid diet, he or she would be able to eat cheese. You have to just make sure that they are not lactose intolerant. As long as you are able to look into these 2 factors, you can feed them cheese.

You need to, however, understand that cheese is pretty high in fat. Therefore, it should be used as an occasional treat rather than a regular foodstuff.

The benefits of feeding them cheese are that they would be able to get the required amount of calcium as well as protein from cheese. Therefore, when you are able to use it as an occasional treat you can be sure that it would actually be nutritious for your puppy.

Teach your puppy new tricks

You can also use it as a motivation in order to discipline your puppy or teach them new tricks. The only problem is that since it is so delicious, it would be very difficult for you to keep your puppy away from cheese. Therefore, you have to always use it as a treat rather than the usual diet ingredient.

As for the digestion system of the puppy, as long as you are able to give it to a puppy that is on a solid diet, there would be no digestion problems. Full-grown adult dogs can easily digest comparatively higher quantity of cheese. Therefore, as your puppy grows you can increase the quantity of cheese in smaller proportions as full-grown dogs would be able to digest it more easily.

Thus, the next time around you’re looking to try out a new treat for your puppy; do make sure that you try a small quantity of cheese as a treat. Most of the puppies would love it as long as they are not lactose intolerant. You would be able to easily discipline your puppy using this treat as well. This would make it easier for you to make them learn newer tricks without using any other treats which are available in the market as they might contain harmful ingredients for your puppy.

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