Can I give a puppy apples

small dog apple

An apple is a good snack for puppies when seeds are removed and should be given in small quantity only. The flesh of an apple is safe for majority of puppies to eat when given in just small quantities. Other parts of apples are considered toxic because they have cyanide-based compounds. If you want to ensure that your puppy does not eat apple seeds, make sure to prepare apples carefully.

Pros and Cons of Giving Apples to Your Puppy

Apples are a great source of fiber for puppies. The flesh part of apples tastes sweet, which can make an appealing treat for your puppies. Fresh apples don’t have preservatives, making them a great choice for training. The coating of your apple seeds contains a certain chemical related to cyanide.
In small amount, it isn’t harmful even if preventing your puppy from eating a whole apple may eliminate the risks. Apple leaves and stems are toxic for the same exact reason. These may all lead to your puppy suffering from difficulty breathing. Giving a lot of sugary snacks may also make the pets sick and an apple is full of sugar. Its flesh also contains phosphorus and calcium that can upset the growth rate of your puppy if too much is provided.

What Kind of Apples is Best for Your Puppy?

From sweet to tart varieties, every apple is great for your puppy to eat as a treat. Tart flavors are not a turn off for puppies. If you have favorite varieties, you may try sharing it with your puppy too.

How to Prepare Apples for Puppies?

Apples for puppies must be cored, washed, have stem and seeds removed, peeled, and cut into chunks or slices depending on how big or small your puppy is. Puppies must not eat the apple seeds, so make sure to remove them effectively. It only means that you cannot serve your dog with a whole apple. If your puppy has sensitive body system, peel apples to cut down extra fiber.

How Many Apple Can Your Puppy Eat?

One or two slices of apple can make a good serving for your puppy because it must only be 10% of the daily calories of your pet. But, if your puppy loves apples, you can combine them in his balanced and complete meal.

Can Puppies Eat Apple Sauce?

Puppies may eat apple sauce. But, it can be hard to find the right kind of apple sauce ideal for them. Many apple sauces have added sugars, so it would be wise to avoid it. In fact, even the homemade apple sauces have added sugar that is not ideal for puppy’s health.

Conclusion for Puppies and Apples

Puppies may eat apples, but require supervision, particularly if you haven’t given them some before. Watch your puppies while they are eating and observe if there are any signs of side effects. If your puppy enjoys eating apples without any problems, there is no reason why you should not add this fruit to your puppy’s diet.

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