Can I give my dog vegetables

Can I Give My Dog Vegetables

dog and vegetablesSince you were young, you have been told how healthy vegetables are. And for sure, you have been tempted to share your favorite veggies with your dog. After all, they are nutritious, right? But, before you serve those greens to Fido, it is best to learn the truth first.

Many people claim that canines are carnivores, which means that they should only eat meats packed with proteins. There are also pet owners who give human foods to their pets, such as vegetables, thinking that these are beneficial.

Majority of owners will agree that if there was ever a human food that is great for dogs, it would be vegetables that can complement the usual canine chow.

Be Selective with Your Vegetable Choices

While it is perfect possible to give your dog vegetables, you have to pick the right ones then feed them in moderation. Veggies offer minerals, extra fiber, and other kinds of nutrients. Your pet can also get more energy when he eats veggies. But, it doesn’t mean that all veggies are appropriate. Also, these are not really required for your pet’s diet. However, vegetables are great as far as diet is concerned. Sometimes, these can also help in cases of canine constipation.

Which Veggies are Great for Your Dog?

The most recommended and desirable veggies for dogs are the ones that don’t cause any disruption to their bowel movements or digestion. A great bonus is those veggies with low calorie content.

It is common for canines to suffer from diarrhea after they consumed new foods. If a certain vegetable causes this kind of effect, this is a telltale sign that you must not feed this again to your pet.

Another essential factor to consider is caloric intake. For this, great choices include carrots, peas, cucumbers, and ripe tomatoes. Again, vegetables must only complement the regular chow of your pet.

Vegetables to Avoid

Things are not all smooth sailing because it is best if you can avoid giving garlic, onions, avocados, corn, and potatoes to your dog. The bottom line here is that even though vegetables can be good friends to your pet, there will always be restrictions.

Serving Vegetables to Canines

It is best to steam vegetables first before you serve them to your pet. This makes them noticeably softer to help with the digestion process. Your dog will also be more eager to try out new foods when you put in some effort into the preparation.

There are also pet owners who blend the vegetables before giving these to their dog. You can also do that as long as you don’t add any spices. If your Chinese takeout got some leftover broccoli, keep it away from Fido.

The Bottom Line

Yes, you can give your dog some vegetables as doing so is actually quite healthy. Veggies with low calorie content are an excellent addition to your pet’s regular meals. However, make sure that you don’t depend too much on vegetables. At the end of the day, canines still need loads of protein from meat-based meal.