Can I give a dog Tums

Tums are known as a good remedy for diarrhea, heartburn, and stomach upset. If your digestive tract gives you troubles, popping some chalky tables typically provides you an instant relief. However, if the stomach of your dog is rumbling ominously, never give them your Tums.

Appetite Loss May Happen To Your Dog

Tums are not very dangerous for dogs, yet you must not give the Tums liberally unless it is under your vet’s supervision. Due to Tums’ mineral compounds, they could cause several side effects in dogs that are worse than stomach upset. Magnesium compounds make loose stools while aluminum and calcium compounds may result to constipation, making the opposite of why you provide your canine Tums. It may also result to appetite loss.

Other people think that calcium is great for dogs, especially  the nursing and pregnant dogs, yet too much calcium is horrible for the kidneys of dogs and might be deadly in the dogs with kidney failure. Too much calcium was also associated to the development of urinary stones and kidney disease. Kidney disease isn’t curable and it is something that your dog would need to live with. A lot of calcium in puppies would disrupt bone as well as development of cartilage and make orthopedic abnormalities, which cause bones to grow very quickly that damages joints and leads to long-term arthritic pain.

If require assistance with calcium intake, you must stick to feeding your dog with quality formulated dog food for their size and would talk to your vet about the appropriate calcium levels for your dog. There are some ways to supplement calcium compared to antacid tablets.

Is Tums Safe for Your Dogs?

If you want to give your dog with Tums due to upset stomach, you will be amazed to know that the digestion of your dog moves very quickly for the Tums to be highly effective. The digestion of dogs move rapidly more than people do, so calcium carbonate in Tums does not have sufficient time to react with the stomach acid and treat anything.

What is the Best Tums Alternative for Dogs?

If your dog suffers from diarrhea, canned pumpkin will help you. The pumpkin contains a certain amount of fiber, which absorbs excess water in your dog’s intestinal tract. It also firms your dog’s poop. Typically, the best possible treatment for upset stomach is not just providing your dog with any food for about 6 hours. It enables their stomach to work in getting rid of the problem. Recurring vomiting and diarrhea must be investigated further through your vet with stool sample or bloodwork and x-rays. There are also times that constant vomiting could be an indication of intestinal obstruction or protozoal infection called Giardia.

While internet would tell you different stories, final confirmation on what is safe for your canine must always come from your vet. Having a great relationship with your veterinarian would leave an open door for you to ask some questions you need to make sure your dog would stay as healthy and happy as possible.

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