What can I give my dog to eat

What Can I Give My Dog to Eat?

Majority of dogs will enjoy eating human foods, whether you give them treats or they steal something off the counter. However, as a dog owner, you should know that several foods may be bad or dangerous for the health of your dog.

Basic Guide for Dog Feeding

Every dog is different, which means that a diet of a particular dog breed may vary from one another. It is always best to talk to your vet, most especially if your dog has some special dietary needs or allergic reactions to standard diet. The basic of the diet of your dog must be a high quality dog food that’s appropriate for your dog’s health status and life stage.

You may also offer natural foods to provide variety. Natural foods often include human grade raw meat, vegetables, and raw meaty bones. You must check with your veterinarian, which raw meaty bones are ideal for your dog. For instance, there are dogs with dental disease or misshapen jaws that might find chewing raw bones hard.

It is recommended that you select raw meaty bones and human grade raw meat for the reason that several pet meat and bone products contain preservatives, which could be detrimental to the health of the dog. You must also avoid sausages, cooked manufactured meats, and sausage meat as they could contain some sulphite preservatives. The required amount of food may depend on some factors including level of exercise, age, breed, and size of the dog. But, make sure not to underfeed or overfeed. Your veterinarian will weight your dog, evaluate the body condition score of your dog, and give advice.

The adult dogs must be fed at least twice daily to avoid bloat that can be fatal. You must also avoid exercising your dog after or before eating to avoid bloat, especially the deep-chested dogs. Fresh drinking water should be available always.

Feeding Bones

Raw meaty bones offer some important health benefits like keeping the gums and teeth healthy. However, too much raw bones could lead to constipation. So, one to two raw bones can be offered every week with some days in between every serving. But, don’t feed your dog with cooked bones because they can splinter and may cause internal damage or be an intestinal obstruction.

Other Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Dogs can be offered fish like tinned sardines, tinned salmon, and tinned tuna as treats occasionally, yet fish must not be fed constantly. Dogs can also be offered small amount of cooked vegetables. Cooked meat like boiled lamb or chicken may be offered as well, but make sure that there aren’t any cooked bones. You must also ensure that your dog has access to the grass. There are times that dogs eat grass because it is a source of micronutrients and vegetable matter.

Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

Never feed some of these following foods as they are toxic to your dogs: onion powder, onions, coffee or any caffeine products, chocolates, avocado, yeast dough, grapes, bread dough, sultanas, currants, fruit stones or pits, nuts like macadamia nuts, and so much more.

If you are confused about the best food to feed your dog, contact your vet as soon as possible to get the right advice for your dog’s diet and make him healthy always.