Can I give my dog rice

Can I Give My Sweet Dog Rice?

dog and riceWhen your dog is suffering from an upset stomach, rice is a great solution. But, the main question is, can you give your dog rice as part of their daily diet?

The answer is a big YES. In fact, it will cost you much less to feed rice to your pet. There are a lot of commercial and homemade foods that contain rice as among their key ingredients. Rice has two primary categories, namely white rice and whole grain rice. But, why is should you serve rice to your pet?

Rice and Its Benefits to Dogs

Since it is a great carbohydrates source, rice serves as an energy source for the body. Without harmful fats, sodium, or cholesterol, rice is a crucial aspect of a properly balanced diet for canines. This can also help in the normal function of their brain.

As a great source of vitamin D, calcium, niacin, thiamine, fiber, riboflavin, and iron, rice also contains a good quantity of start that doesn’t digest until it gets to the bowel. It can help in growth of useful bacteria that can encourage normal and regular bowel movements.

Specifically, brown rice contains high insoluble fiber amounts which offer protection against different kinds of cancers. It is also said that rice is the best food for canines suffering from high blood pressure since this has low sodium content.

The husk of a rice plant of three months old has some diuretic properties that can help lower high blood pressure. This husk is also a great medicine for treatment of dysentery. There is also a belief that rice can cure stomach disorders and increase appetite. Aside from these, brown rice is also a great source of the neurotransmitter nutrients which help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, rice bran oil is known for its anti-oxidant properties which can lower the body’s cholesterol levels which can then increase cardio vascular strength.

If you want to give rice to your dog, you might want to opt for brown rice instead of white rice. Just one cup of this contains protein, insoluble fiber fat, and carbohydrates.

How to Feed Rice to Your Dog

When planning to feed rice to your dog, make sure that you just give it to him in small quantities since bigger amounts might end up making your dog bowel up. You could feed any type of rice to your pet but just see to it that it is properly cooked.

Rice is also a great food for canines that suffer from diarrhea. With whole rice and brown rice having good amounts of fiber, you have to make sure that your dog drinks lots of water in order to avoid constipation. But then again, just like any other type of food for canines, feeding rice in all meals of your pet every single day may pose certain long term consequences to his health. So, you have to try looking for variety for your pet to get all the benefits of rice.