Can I give a dog Pepto Bismol

It is difficult to watch your pet feeling uncomfortable, particularly if what helps him is as simple and common as an upset tummy. If your dog suffers from diarrhea, he might not be doing like the way he does and you might want to assist him to feel better through reading the same thing that would comfort you when your tummy hurts and that is by using peptobismol.

Peptobismol is the renowned pink OTC medication that is used for treating gastrointestinal upset in people and even if it might help in resolving diarrhea in canines in particular situations, it must only be used once directed by a vet and at an appropriate dose. While peptobismol could work wonders on the stomach, it might cause more harm than any good in terms of the overall health of your dog.

What to Know about Pepto-Bismol?

It’s a trademarked brand name drug. Like most OTC products, peptobismol has achieved a reputation that its name passed into a common parlance. The active ingredient of peptobismol is the same that was found in the kaopectate, which is a chemical compound known as bismuth subsalicylate.

Side Effects of Pepto-Bismol

There are several potential risks and concerns involved in terms of giving dogs a dosage of peptobismol. That is the reason why it’s best to leave an ultimate decision up to your vet. Peptobismol could cause the stools of dogs to turn black-greenish color and as results, it may be hard to discern once your dog suffers from melena that presents as tarry, black stools, and could be indicative of serious medical issues.

Peptobismol tablets may also show radio-opaque on the x-rays. It means that once the gastrointestinal signs of your dog become worse and the abdominal radiographs were done by your vet, these tablets may be mistaken for metallic foreign body. It might result to unnecessary surgery or some medical procedures, which put the health of the dog at greater risk than it must be.

What Are the Your Other Options for Stomach Pain Relief?

If you have a dog with upset stomach, there are some ways to comfort your pet until diarrhea passes. Oftentimes, mild diarrhea in canine is frequently self-limiting. The medications aren’t required for resolution and with that said, you could feed your dog with a bland diet for several days if he has diarrhea or soft stool.

Knowing that you’re nearby could also help you soothe your pet, so consider trying to fit in some tummy rubs while resting. If the symptoms of the pet don’t resolve or once they worsen or if some signs of disease develop, you must bring your dog to your vet.

Even if peptobismol will help address the mild diarrhea of your dog, do not administer the dose without consulting a vet first. If you are curious about this, the same rules apply to your cat. However, you should know that peptobismol must not be provided to the cats under any particular circumstances because of salicylate toxicity.


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