What kind of medicine can I give my dog

What Kind of Medicine Can I Give My Dog

Dog owners are aware that when the need arises, giving over the counter medicines to their pet can do the trick at least before they get to see their regular vet. This article gives some advice about helpful medications. Just remember to consult with your vet first before you give any med to your beloved pet.


This can be given to dogs suffering from vomiting or upset stomach. You can administer 1 teaspoon for every 20 pounds of weight every 4 to 6 hour within 24 hours or once the symptom start to go away.


Aspirin can be administered short term to canines to help in relieving pain and inflammation. The buffered aspiring is much easier on a dog’s stomach although you can also use non-coated or regular aspirin. You can administer this once or two times a day. Make sure that you only give this together with food. There are potent blood thinning abilities that aspirin has to offer, and continuous use could be a bit dangerous to some animals. If you need long term relief for pain, there are much safer alternatives that you can ask from your vet.


This antihistamine can help relieve itching and swellings caused by allergic reactions, and this can be used for long term allergy treatment. The suggested dose is 1mg for every pound administered two times a day.


You can give loperamide to dogs suffering from diarrhea. However, there are some dog breeds that are related to Collies which could suffer from adverse reactions to Loperamide. Never give this to Collies, Australian Shephards, Long-haired Whippits, and Shelties. For the breeds that can take this medicine, give one teaspoon for each 20 pounds. You can repeat the dosage every 4 to 6 hours within 24 hours or until symptoms have subsided.


Dramamine is the antihistamine which works well when it comes to prevention of motion sickness in dogs. The drug can work best once it is administered at least half an hour before travel.


This can reduce the amount of the stomach acids and it can be given to dogs suffering from belly ache, acid reflux, or ulcers. There are times when these are used for preventing ulcers in animals that are taking other kinds of medications. Such medications could be given once to two times a day. It is advisable to ask your vet for the exact recommended dosage.



This helps in relieving irritated, raw, or itchy skin. This could be used topically for reducing itching caused by hives, insect stings and bites, and hot spots. Just apply a small quantity twice a day.

Hydrogen Peroxide

One to 10 teaspoons administered orally can induce vomiting.

Antibiotic Ointments

These are helpful for treating minor infections, small wounds, or bites. Make sure you thoroughly clean the wound first using clean water and soap.


Glucosamine can be used for the treatment of joint pain as the result of arthritis. It is a long term form of treatment with effects that might not be noticeable right away.