Can I give a dog lettuce

In terms of feeding your dogs, you know already that the less table foods you feed them, the better. Majority of owners assume that several people foods cannot hurt, particularly if that food is health or not full of added calories and fats. For instance, lettuce is basically low in both fat and calories and depending on the type of this vegetable, it contains vitamins C and A, iron, and calcium. But, can you really give lettuce to dogs?

Well, the answer to that question is simple and it’s a big YES. It is okay for dogs to eat lettuce. In fact, according to experts, the health benefits of lettuce are negligible. While lettuce would provide dogs with some fiber and vitamins, there are good options if you like to introduce something healthier into the diet of your dog. Some healthy choices include green beans, spinach, and asparagus. On contrary, feeding dogs with lettuce can help with particular problems as it has some draining properties that can help reduce blood pressure naturally. This can also help you with constipation.

Kinds of Lettuce You Can Feed to Your Dogs

If you want to feed your dogs with lettuce, stick with the darker varieties like the romaine. You should also take note that once you decide to start feeding your dogs with lettuce and some vegetables, they must be chopped finely. As with any new foods, they must be slowly introduced to avoid upsetting the stomach of your dog. After you have chopped the lettuce, consider adding them directly to the regular foods of your dogs or serve it up as treats. There are some dogs that eat a salad bowl without experiencing any issues. If you like, you may also cook it with few olive or coconut oil to make it desirable and tastier.

Problems with Feeding Dogs Lettuce

Now that you already know that it is okay to give your dogs with lettuce, you must know the properties of lettuce that could affect the dog’s health condition. You need to keep in mind that lettuce is more like one of the filler foods. It is often used as bases or toppings not as an essential food. Due to its low vitamin content, one of the popular benefits of lettuce is actually hydration. It harbors tons of waters in leaves that once ingested, this makes it a water source for your dog’s body. It is also a good idea to have it during hot days. In case your dogs do not take water or you do not have some time giving them water, you might need to provide some lettuce and keep your dog hydrated to be healthy.

In comparison to leafy green vegetables, lettuce is a bit poorer when it comes to nutrients yet it does not mean that there are no nutrients. For example, Romaine lettuce is also filled with vitamin K, vitamin A, and folate. It’s also packed with vitamin C, beta-carotene, and has some vitamins that would give your dog with numerous advantages.


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