Can I give my dog human vitamins

Can I Give My Lovely Dog Human Vitamins?

human-vitamins-appleYou know all too well that supplements and vitamins can do wonders in making your life better in so many ways. But, if you are a pet owner, you probably wondered if the vitamins you are taking can also offer the same benefits to your pet in the same way they do to you. Can you give your dog human vitamins, then?

The Need of Canines for Vitamins

Vitamins are considered as an integral aspect of ensuring that your dog stays healthy. As a whole, these play a crucial role in regulating and maintaining different processes of the body which are important for a healthier lifestyle. Vitamins could do several things, such as easing digestion, maintenance of coat health, and shielding the body from different toxins.

In the same way they work with humans, specific vitamins are targeting specific and different functions in the body of a dog. On top of that, the functionality of such vitamins is the same in pets as they are in humans. For example, vitamin D is essential for the health of your dog’s teeth, while vitamin A is crucial for the hair and skin of your dog.

It’s the Same But Different

Due to the similarities in the function of vitamins between humans and dogs, it is all too easy to think that these are also interchangeable between the two species. But, having this kind of thought of and following it can pose some serious dangers.

The main reason behind this is because of the needs of the dog which are primarily dictated by the canine’s size. Vitamins for humans work really well for you because these are particularly geared for the body structure of a grown person. But, even the largest breeds of dogs are not the same with an average human’s size. When you give human vitamins to your pet, you are just giving him an excessive amount of a good thing.

As far as vitamins are concerned, overabundance of these can lead to several problems for your pet. If you give an excessive amount of a certain vitamin, the severe excess might have toxic effects, specifically when that vitamin is vitamin D or A. What you assumed to offer benefits can make your pooch suffer from lethargy, bone spurs, muscle weakness, and many other unpleasant conditions.

Just think of this – you will never give a young and pre-teen kid a vitamin supplement for adults. Instead, you will choose to administer a vitamin made especially for children. This works the same when it comes to your dog.

Avoid Guessing, Visit Your Vet

As it is needs a wide reaching answer as to why you shouldn’t give human vitamins to your dog, it is much better to consult your vet to come up with a good vitamin plan that suits the needs of your pooch if this is something he needs at all. Doing so will not only promote the health of your dog as it will also give you the peace of mind as an owner.