Which Drink Can I Give My Dog

Which Drink Can I Give My Dog

dog and drinkIt is essential for your dog to always have free and easy access to cool, clean, and fresh water all the time since they have to stay hydrated. But, there are a lot of dog owners who love sharing their milk, coffee, tea, and even beer with their furry friends. If you are wondering if it is even safe to do so, make sure you read on to learn the answer.

Milk and Dogs

It is natural for puppies to drink the milk of their mother after birth. This milk contains all the goodness and nutrients they need for them to grow during the initial weeks of their lives. This milk also gives valuable antibodies to the puppies for them to remain healthy.

Thus, when the puppy weans and starts eating solid food, the need for drinking milk isn’t necessary anymore. The truth is, once dogs grow and mature, many of them become lactose intolerant. Every amount of calcium and protein your pet requires during their life can already be found in high quality dog food.

Having said this, it only means that your dog can just drink a small quantity of milk on odd occasions. However, it must never be too much at one time as it can cause an upset digestive system.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are not good for your pet. These two both contain caffeine that can make your dog suffer from caffeine poisoning. Since they are smaller than you and they have lesser body weight, even the tiniest amount of caffeine can adversely affect their systems. Simply put, it is never a good idea to give your dog anything that contains caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and even energy drinks and other types of nutritional supplements.

Fruit Juices

The main problem is that majority of fruit juices available in stores are made from concentrates, making them unsafe to drink for your canine friend. These juices contain a high amount of chemicals and preservatives which could make your dog suffer from a seriously upset stomach. It is because these juices can cause lots of strain on the digestive system of your pet. So, keep those store bought fruit juices away from Fido.

Beer and Other Alcoholic Drinks

Dogs must never be allowed near any kind of alcoholic drinks as they might end up experiencing alcoholic poisoning which can lead to death. It just takes a very small amount of the alcohol to have a serious impact to the health of your dog, such as negative effects on their lungs and heart function. Whatever the alcoholic drink in question is, whether it is wine, beer, or something stronger, this must never be given to your pet, even a small drop, if you don’t want to risk killing them.


The Bottom Line

If you are not sure if your dog could get a sip of your drink aside from water, it is always best to stay on the safe side. Clean, fresh, and cool water is the only drink they need to stay hydrated.