Can I give my dog chips

Can I Give My Dog Chips For Eating?

chips for dogsWhile watching your favorite show, you decided to open a bag of chips, and suddenly, your dog looked at you with his longing eyes, asking for a bite. Can you give your dog chips, then? Canines can eat crisps or chips but there are several conditions and rules you have to follow to avoid causing them any danger. Take note that chips are snacks filled with salt, and your pet doesn’t need any more sodium added to their diet. They are already getting their sodium requirement from their traditional dog food.

A few bites of chips like Cheetos or Doritos are not bad for canines but these are not good treats you can give them regularly.

No Health Benefits from Potato Chips

Chips may be made from potatoes but these offer a very small number of health benefits not just for dogs but also for humans. Basically, potato chips are just empty calories, and no one really needs them. Chips are processed foods, and it is very rare, if ever, for processed foods to be great for canines. The nutritional benefits of potatoes are no longer there the moment these were processed and made into chips. Baked chips are also processed, and these are in no way healthy as what makers want the public to believe.

It is never advisable to give potato chips to your dogs since there are many risks but no benefits at all. For example, chips are being cooked and prepared in oil, which means that these are filled with the unhealthy trans fat. These don’t contain any minerals or vitamins per se, even if there are manufacturers claiming that their chips have vitamin A. You can find a lot of snacks which contain vitamin A which are healthier like carrots and sweet potatoes.

Aside from the lack of nutritional benefits, processed chip also contain ingredients which are not recommended for dogs. As mentioned earlier, chips are cooked in oil that is not great for canines. In addition, chips have high amounts of carbohydrates and sodium. These will not just make your pet sick as this can also increase your pet’s chances of suffering from obesity that can then cause a lot of other health issues. These issues may include diabetes, pancreatitis, and heart problems that are all deadly.

What to Do If Your Dogs Eat Chips?

There is nothing wrong with giving a few potato chips to your pet every now and then. Problems can occur if they ate a lot of chips. Too much of chips can cause salt poisoning, or what you call hypernatremia. Its symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, excessive drinking, lack of appetite, staggered gait, excessive urination, swelling of limbs, tremors, and seizures.

Dogs Must Never Eat Chips

While munching on your favorite chips, make sure that your dog also gets healthier snacks to avoid making him feel left out. After all, if they see you eating some treats, they will surely want one, too. You can give him carrots, bananas, watermelon, apples, cantaloupe and other healthier, crunchy, and delicious snacks for dogs.