Can I give a dog cabbage

Cabbage is very safe for dogs to eat, but like some things, it should be in moderation. It is rich in antioxidants, which are necessary substances for strong immune system. Antioxidants protect cells primarily from being damaged by free radicals. Basically, free radicals are the atoms with unpaired electrons. The electrons require neutrons to make atoms stable and the unstable atoms can be damaging to the cells. Free radicals are actually formed after the atoms are exposed to light, heat or some environmental toxins. There are also times that the body makes free radicals to kill the invading bacteria and viruses as well as prevent infections and illnesses. Antioxidants also prevent free radicals from killing healthy cells. The body requires healthy cells to have strong immune system and the antioxidants enable the immune system of the dogs to function without the free radicals getting in their way.

Cannage and Fiber

Vegetables like cabbage are high in fiber, which is good for digestion. It is high in sulfur, beneficial for drying up the oily skin. It also promotes the production of the healthy keratin, important for strong nails, skin, and hair. Research also shows that cabbage has some proven cancer-fighting properties. The components of the cabbage increase the production of enzymes and prevent the growth of any cancerous tumors.

Even if cabbage is friendly to canine, you have to be aware that the vegetables may induce extra gas in several dogs with unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms like belly ache, flatulence, and watery stool. Since it can be possible, let your pet eat only a few amount of cabbage. Just small bites for the first timers and some vegetables that could trigger gas in dogs are kale, broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower. You should be careful not only for your dogs, but also for the sake of your nose as well.

Feeding Cabbage to Dogs

Dogs often eat the same thing daily, so introducing some new foods to them would cause stomach upset often. Cabbage is known for causing gas. That is why it must be slowly introduced. Start through giving them a few amount of cabbage chopped up over their foods once daily. You must stick with the small amounts always. Even when the digestive systems get used to cabbage, it could still cause gas.

Moderation is the Key

Dogs are known for being natural carnivores. Therefore, a lot of vegetables may have some negative effects on their body. Cabbage also has thiocyanate, which suppresses thyroid gland once cabbage is consumed too much. It can cause problems on your dog’s thyroid. The solution to avoid this is to cook cabbage properly and never use oil or seasonings.

Once you dogs end up liking the taste of cabbages, don’t hesitate to feed them with some of these. With the different health benefits this vegetable can offer, there isn’t any harm in providing this to your dog unless you make it a part of your dog’s daily nutrition. If your dogs have preexisting health issues, particularly thyroid issues, ensure that you discuss any changes on their diet with your veterinarian before you implement something new.

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