Can I give a dog beer

dog and beer

While it is cute and adorable to take a photo of your dog posing with your glass of beer, can you also give it to your dog? Can you give your dog beer?

Can Dogs Drink Beer?

Aside from grain, yeast, and water, hops are also among the main ingredients in beer production. In case you don’t know, hops are found to be toxic to canines although the exact reason is still unknown. But, what is known is that hops consumption can cause violent physical reactions in most canines.
These are not just those immediate physical symptoms like wild fluctuations in your dog’s body temperature, labored breathing, and vomiting but even the risk of kidney damage. People who love to brew their own homemade beer must be extra careful in storing brewing hops and keep it out of reach of curious dogs.

Toxic Ingredients for Dogs in Beer

Dogs will and can drink or eat anything out of boredom, curiosity, or hunger. You might even see videos where dogs consume human drinks and foods. However, it is important to remember that the physiology of your dog is completely different from yours. Your dog’s alcohol intolerance is partly because of his size. It takes a much lesser amount of alcohol to poison and intoxicate adult dogs than it does for fully grown adult humans.
So, can your dog drink even a small amount of beer? Sadly, you don’t need to pour beer or other alcohol in a bowl or glass for it to pose grave danger to the health of your dog. Dogs have shown signs of ethanol toxicity and alcohol poisoning from simple things like rum cake and absorbing alcohol spilled on the couch or carpet through their skin. Eating an uncooked dough that contains yeast is also enough to provoke poisoning symptoms in dogs.

Physical Intolerance of Dogs to Beer

Humans become tolerance to beer through proper and responsible consumption in time. The kidneys of dogs, however, were not meant to process or filter the alcoholic contents of beer as well as other naturally alcoholic drinks. Since dogs tend to be smaller than humans, even the tiniest amount of beer is enough to lead to noticeable physical changes in an average dog.

Alcohol Poisoning in Dogs

Probably the number one reason why a dog should never lap up or drink alcoholic beverages like beer is that in whatever configuration, whether it is beer, cocktail, wine or even your favorite cough syrup, dogs have a high risk of suffering from alcohol poisoning known as ethanol toxicosis.
All forms of alcoholic beverages can cause similar reactions in canines that they also induce in humans only faster and with relatively more harmful results because of the smaller size of dogs and their inability to process intoxicating properties. It is worse for your pooch if the alcohol content is higher. Just like in humans, the nervous system is among the first things that alcohol consumption will affect. Weakened motor functions, disorientation, and confusion are all the main ethanol toxicity symptoms in dogs.
So, make sure you are a responsible beer drinker with your dog out of sight.

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