Can I give a dog banana

dog banana

You probably read or hear contradictory suggestions as to what your dogs are allowed and not allowed to eat, leaving you confused. For instance, there are many recipes that contain bananas. But, can you give your dog banana? Yes, you can feed banana to your pet.

Bananas offer lots of benefits, making it perfectly safe for your pooch provided that this is in moderation. Bananas are known for being rich in potassium, vitamins C and B, manganese, copper, and fiber. But, you have to keep in mind that bananas also contain sugar, even though the amount is relatively lesser compared to other types of fruits such as apples. This is the reason why your furry friend can have bananas for their treat although this must never be done on regular basis.

When you care to check some forms of natural dog treats, chances are you will surely find banana as part of the ingredients. Aside from that, ice cream made for dogs also often contains bananas.

Benefits of Bananas for Your Dog

There are many remarkable benefits associated with eating bananas for dogs, and these include the following:

• Manganese helps with regulating blood pressure levels, and it also works by having a calming effect on hyper canines.
• Potassium can help keep your dog’s bones strong while keeping the blood vessels function in proper order.
• Vitamin B6 can also help fight off anemia in dogs.
• Fiber can regularize bowel movements in canines.
• Vitamin C can help maintain a stronger immune system.
Banana for Dogs – Is There Any Side Effects?
Bananas are no doubt one of the healthy snacks for dogs. Nevertheless, do you have a clue why it’s important not to feed your dogs with a lot of bananas? Aside from sugar, eating too much of this fruit may cause constipation. This might happen to you and it could happen to dogs as well. Moreover, potassium found in bananas is not really well-tolerated in dogs in a huge amount. If dogs eat a lot of bananas, make sure to keep track of them closely. In case the dogs show any symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and much more, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

How Much Bananas Can Your Dogs Eat?

Small dogs must not eat more than a few amounts of small pieces. The same recommendation is applicable for puppies. Medium and big breeds may eat half of bananas a few times each week. It’s just an estimation and you will be able to adjust it depends on how dogs respond and after talking to vets.
If your dogs don’t want to eat bananas, yet you include these to their diet, don’t force them to eat because sometimes they know more about their appetite than you do. So, before you give your dog with fruits or vegetables, make sure that they will like it. You can try giving these as treats first and you can ask your vet about the right way to feed them to your dogs.

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