What can I give a dog against worms

Whether you like it or not, battling with worms is one of the experiences you can never avoid as a dog owner. With lots of people expressing their worries about the risky side effects of traditional worming products, it is always a good idea to know that you can use some natural alternatives to prevent and treat these annoying parasites that can affect your beloved canine companion.

Some Things Against Worms

Here are some of the things you can give your dog to fight off worms:
Carrots are found to be an excellent vitamin A source. But, more than that, these orange vegetables have also been found to help eliminate worms in dogs. Carrots chopped coarsely can scrape the walls of the gut and stomach of your pet during digestion. This can then remove the mucus and parasites in there. You can use carrots as tasty treats or include them during mealtime. Carrots are perfectly safe. They boost your dog’s immune system and are packed with lots of nutrients that your pet needs.
Pumpkin Seeds
These seeds have been found to be very effective de-worming agents as these are rich in cucurbitacin, a form of amino acid. This can paralyze the worms that make it easier to eliminate them from your pet’s intestine. You can feed pumpkin seeds as a treat. You can also grind these into a fine powder that you can add to your dog’s food. A single teaspoon of raw pumpkin seeds for every 10 pounds of body weight two times a day is enough to generate great results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The past few years have revealed the exciting health benefits that apple cider vinegar has to offer. But, did you know that the fermented apple cider also acts as an excellent worm treatment for canines? Apple cider vinegar works because not like other types of vinegar, this can increase the alkaline levels in a dog’s intestines that make them unwelcoming to worms and parasites. You can add ¼ to 1 teaspoon of organic and raw apple cider vinegar to your pet’s water daily. Aside from getting rid of worms, you might also notice some improvements in Fido’s coat condition together with more health benefits.
Being a vermifuge, dried coconut helps eliminate worms from your dog’s body. Just sprinkle this on food. You can give 1 teaspoon for small dogs, 1 tablespoon for large breeds, and 2 teaspoons for medium dogs. Once fed on a regular basis, coconut oil can also eliminate internal parasites from your pooch, on top of other great health benefits.
Chamomile is popular due to its soothing properties. This means that this can help with inflammation or bloating resulting from the presence of internal parasites. Aside from eliminating whipworms and roundworms, this can also work best if administered in a tincture form that you can buy for an affordable price in health food stores or online. The suggested dose is 0.23ml to 0.50ml for every 20 pounds of the weight of your dog. Give it two times a day within 2 weeks.
These are some of the things you can give your dog against worms.

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