What Can I Give My Cat To Drink

cat and drinkDifferent from humans, water is the only thing that cats should drink. In spite of popular belief, it is not good for felines to drink milk so make sure you avoid dairy.

It is a must for your cat to stay properly hydrated all the time, especially since they are good at ignoring their thirst when they don’t find their water suitable. But, there are a lot of myths regarding the things that cats can and cannot drink, such as their obvious love for milk.

Can Your Cat Drink Milk?

Drinking milk is not recommended for adult milks. Contrary to popular belief, milk is dangerous for their health. Only very young kittens should drink milk, but this milk must come from their mother, or even especially designed formula milk for kittens if needed. In short, you don’t have to give cow’s milk to any kitten or cat.

When you give milk to your cat, they might drink it, specifically when there is cream on top. It is because cats value high fat content. Fat, after all, it is an extremely valuable food source in the wild, specifically when an animal is not fed daily. However, your cat should already have a balanced and completed diet, which means the additional fat is no longer needed for their health even if it seems attractive. Also, most milk formulas in supermarkets don’t contain large fat quantities so they have little benefit for cats.

Adult cats also find it hard to digest milk. The stomach of a kitten contains an enzyme which lets them break down lactose. However, this is not present in adult cats. Instead, the milk’s lactose may lead to an upset stomach one it starts to ferment. Kittens can drink milk once you give this to them although it is rarely necessary.

There are pet shops selling special cat milk with reduce lactose. It can be a delicious treat for felines, and this can help them stay hydrated. But, if you don’t like, you don’t have to give cat milk to your kitten or cat.

When your cat drunk normal milk, monitor them. When they seem unwell, get some advice from your vet.

What Can Your Cat Drink?

An adult cat only needs to drink water as part of a balanced and healthy diet. The amount they drink will depend on their size, age, whether they eat dry or wet food, and other things.

If you choose to give cat milk to your feline friend that you bought as a treat from a pet shop, see to it that they still enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, and the treat they get is included in their daily food allowance.

What is really important for every cat owner to remember is that clean and fresh water must always be available to your cat as well as to weaned or weaning kittens all the time. If they are not tempted by the water bowl and reach for the milk instead, you can try to do some tricks to encourage them to drink.