What Food Can I Give My Cat

cat and foodIf there is something everyone loves, it’s none other than a cat. This is why it makes great sense to treat your purr-fect fluffy balls with real food instead of those chicken by-products in cans.

Of course, it is important that you pay attention to the food you give your feline friend since their stomach cannot really handle everything you can eat. Below are some of the cat-friendly foods that you can give your cat:


It is not a secret that cats love a nice good piece of tuna every now and then. Fish are known for being rich in omega 3s that can help maintain the sharpness of your cat’s eyes. Just see to it that you moderate the fish amount your cat gets or they might end up ingesting an excessive amount of magnesium, fatty acids, and mercury that can cause some health issues later on. It is also recommended to avoid giving raw fish to your cat.


Cats are basically carnivores and their diets must include meat for them to survive, which means that if you are a vegan, putting your cat on a diet composed of plants alone is not possible. Make sure your kitty gets some cooked beef, turkey, chicken, and even those deli meats from the local grocery shop. Just be careful not to feed your cat with raw meat as this will only make them sick.


Yes, there is the almighty egg. This time, it is possible for you to prepare breakfast that both you and your cat will surely enjoy. The eggs are known for being a good protein source for cats but just remember that you don’t make your kitty sick by giving him raw eggs.

Whole Grains

Cats can benefit from whole grains as they contain lots of protein for them to make your feline friend strong and mighty. This is not to mention that grains are very easy and simple to make so your cat and even yourself can enjoy these in just a matter of minutes. Good examples of grains you can give your cat include oats, polenta, couscous, and corn. See to it that the grains are completely cooked for your cat to digest them easily.


Fruits are wonderful sources of vitamins and fiber not just for humans but even for cats. Some of the fruits your cat can munch on are peeled apples, bananas, blueberries, pumpkin, and cantaloupe.




There are several veggies that you cat can eat and be prepared in various ways. Vegetables are rich in water, fiber, and vitamins to help your cat stay in shape. You can feed your cat spinach, fresh cucumbers, mashed potatoes, or steamed asparagus and broccoli.


Cheese is good for feline when given in small quantities. This is rich in protein although not as high compared to other choices in the list. Most cats cannot digest dairy that well so see to it that your cat lays low when it comes to cheddar.

Aside from healthy human food, see to it you avoid foods toxic for cats.